New PC keeps freezing

I just built a new pc and im banging my head on the wall because i cant find out why its freezing playing games

Here is my hardware

there is no over clocking yet i dont want to make more heat and make it freeze even faster
i can run anything else but once i launch a game it will run for awhile and then freeze

any ideas??
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    Did you boot to memtest86+ and verify each of your 4 sticks of RAM are error-free? And then test all 4 together?

    You have mixed and not matching RAM - try removing the 2GB stick and the 4GB stick with which it is paired.
  2. I didnt use memtest86 i used one of the memtests in hirens bootcd and it passed every test it ran ill try memtest 86 real fast

    and i have been wondering if the 2gb stick has been the prob but someone told me you can mix ddr3 ram ill try that as well
  3. ok memtest86+ passed twice with no errors im thinking my video card may be over heating i was playing starcraft ll and minimized the game and the software that came with the card said it was over heating at 59 C im going to install some new fans and heatsink and see how it works
  4. From my experience it is never a good idea to put ram in that doesn't perfectly match the other sticks. Yank the 2gb stick just for the slight performance sake even if it doesn't stop the freezing. Also What is your power supply brand and wattage. This could be a problem that your card is drawing too much power and freezes because your power supply cannot keep up with demand
  5. 59c shouldnt be overheating--thats reasonably low for the gpu

    what speed is the graphics card fan at?
  6. Memtest86+ is an "overnight" test

    Also run OCCT GPU and CPU tests....check temp and voltage graphs after 60 minutes for any anomalies.

    Any error / warning messages in Event Viewer ?
  7. @eggbrook im going to be taking that out after i shut it down and run it that way for awhile.... also psu is XFX 450W

    @mcnumpty23 im going off what the "Smart Doctor" software that came with the video card to control the fan settings....
    1800 when 30 C and below
    2800-3120 35C
    3840-3870 40C
    4260-4290 50C and up

    @JackNaylorPE maybe i ran it with the wrong options im gunna take the odd stick out and ill run it again but in the mean time only error related to hardware

    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk3\DR3. happened 3 times yesterday none today
  8. ok so problem solved after running the OCCT cpu and gpu tests and having it freeze twice i remembered i had not taken the odd stick of memory out so i took it out ran the gpu test for over an hour no problems and have been running games ever since so next time i will remember to go with what i know and not mix the memory

    Thanks everyone for the help
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