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hello, I want to hook up a tv to my computer and I do not know what size to get, I have a budget of around 180 $ and I would like it to be around 28 inches but no less then 25 :o. I do not know if my 6790 can take that large of a tv, please inform me. Also please forgive me if I have not created this forum to your exact rules I havnt been on for along time.

I would like the tv to have atleast a res of 1600X1200.
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    size do not matter, only resolution does in the world of graphics cards :)

    as for your 6790, what do you plan on doing with your new shiny monitor? the card will handle most games fine at medium settings at 1600X1200. but it all depends on what you're aiming for.

    also, which websites/places do you shop at? we might as well find you a TV to go with this (btw, are you plugging your cable into your TV too? otherwise just get a nice large monitor :) )
  2. im probably going to play at 1440X900 but i like the bigger rez for my desktop and video's probably the most intense game i will play is iether crysis or...skyrim, and i get 40-60 fps on those to in high-max with 1440X900 so nothing to differant, and yea im plugging my default 6790 cable into the vga port on the tv, or if it doesnt have a vga port, I have a ectra white attachment that looks like a vga but is a lil bit bulkier and heavier.

    i use primarily newegg and amazon
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