Is my ssd dying?


ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Crucial M4 SSD 128GB
Samsung Spinpoint f3 1tb
i5 2500k
Patriot Signature DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)
Windows 7 Home Premium
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
SilverStone ATX12V/EPS12V 850W Silver
2 - EVGA GeForce GTX 460 in sli

My computer runs 100% of the time it rarely is shut off.
I noticed that yesterday it was locked up when I clicked over from the TV.
My tv is my monitor. I restart and get a system drive error. I would have to write down exactly what it says.
So i restart go into bios and notice that the bios is not recognizing the ssd.
I turn the computer off check connections to ssd and restart go into bios and it is there. I change the boot order and viola I boot into windows. The computer runs for about 6 hours and then freeze.

I restart get the drive error repeat my above steps and were back up and running.

Do I need to replace my ssd? Any ideas on the problem?
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  1. before you sound the deathknell for the SSD it would be best to review the error you are getting. Any idea how old the drive is?
  2. if it's more than a year old, check for firmware updates. How full is your SSD? How heavy is your usage of it?
  3. The drive is seven months old.
    54.2 free of 119 gb

    The computer locked up on me again since I posted the question this morning.
    I come back to the computer to check replies and I can't make the computer do anything.
    All I can do is move the mouse but nothing else.

    Turn the computer off then on and now I'm on here typing this.
    Keep in mind if I restarted instead of turning off then on I would've recieved the check disk or whatever error. I guess I need to write down exactly what it says.
  4. If you are getting blue screens, you can use this to get the errors.

    Solid freezes are more rare now days.
  5. I've been using M4's a lot longer than 7 months. Infact I have about 13 SSDs dating back to Intil's G2 an have yet to have a SSD fail.

    1) try replacing the sata Data cable. They have been known to develop problems ie loose contact.

    2) Verify Voltages. The SSD does nt use the +12 V, but a good Idea to verfy anyways. The SSD uses the +5 which should be +4.75 V -> +5.25 V

    3) as Noted above, make sure you have the latest Firmware. NOTE 000F corrects a 5000 Hour Bug!!! 7 Months x 30 x 24 = 5040 hrs4) All else fails, Delete partitions, do a secure erease and reload windows.
  6. I have only seen one blue screen 3 days ago after shockwave flash crashed.

    I updated the firmware but that did not solve the problem.

    Now when I restart on get the bios screen then I never get the spash screen for windows.
    It seems to lock up on this stage then I hit ctrl alt del then windows starts very strange.

    Almost acts as id its video related with the splash screen the way it looks, but bios keeps loosing the m4 and removing it from the boot sequence.

    Updating the firmware completed without a hitch. I run the updater it restarted the machine it flashed the drive it restarted into windows. It then said changed had been made I needed to restart. I clicked restart now the computer restarted with no problem.

    So now I click restart in the start menu and then bios no longer sees the ssd. I turn off then on set the boot order ino the bios save and exit and then no splash screen from windows, It appears to have locked up. I press ctrl alt del and then windows starts up.
  7. better check as RetiredChief recommends.

    A bad cable could cause intermittent loss of connection leading to something similar.
  8. Best answer
    matrixinc said:
    Voltages are good and firmware is updated.
    Great idea on the cables I will have to check this out later though I don't have any extra cables handy.

    Steal the cable for the DVD drive if you have one :)

    Maybe check CrystalDiskInfo and see what it has to say. Post a screen with the smart stats if you can.
  9. Voltages are good and firmware is updated.
    Great idea on the cables I will have to check this out later though I don't have any extra cables handy.
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