Radeon 6870 3dmark result


I just wanted to see how my video card would score on a 3dmark

happens mine is the worst


random person's result

If you compare the two
# of processors mine only shows 4 how come this person have 8

also the result of others their memory runs at 800mhz instead of 667 mhz

Is it because they OverClocked their system?
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  1. Your system is fine.
  2. Yes my system is fine. My question is
    How come they have a better 3dmark score than mine? Is it because they OC ?
  3. He probably did, no way to know for sure, could even be a different driver version. Point is your system's performance is right in line with the majority of similar systems, it's not something worth worrying about.
  4. Thank you for your answer. I am not worried. I was just curious :)
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    most systems on any benchmark site will show "Tweaked"system scores.

    If yours is working fine,thats all that matters.They are just a good gauge of knowing if any tweaks you have done has increased anything performance wise.
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