Is my psu powerful enough

Hello, I'm having some crashing problems with my new graphics card and I'm wondering if my old psu is enough my rig is as follows

intel dc q6600
gigabyte p35c-ds3r
pny gtx 650 ti
4gb ram
psu ocz gxs700
My old g crad was a gts8800 320mb
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  1. If your system was fine before adding new graphics card I'd try a different slot on motherboard or maybe re-install drivers, as it sounds like the new card is the problem. Otherwise the PSU could be going bad but 700W is plenty for this build.
  2. That power supply should be plenty for your listed components. However it is an older OCZ and pre 2007 OCZ units had quality problems. That model is from 2006 when OCZ was more of a "do not buy" company. So it is very likely that unit could be failing. Any power supply degrades over time.
  3. ya id say psu.

    the 650ti requires 20A at the 12v rail

    i dunno if the old ocz's have this.

    btw how do you like your 650ti and what did you upgrade from?
  4. Yes, do you like the 650 ti? I was thinking about buying one next week.
    Old psu not garantie its working or not. update os driver problems can crash system .
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