Asus VG236H vs BenQ XL2420T

Hello! I am in the market for a new display, and as I consider myself to be quite the gamer, I would like my next monitor to be 120Hz. After some researching and shopping around, I found two local deals on what I feel to be two very good monitors. The Asus is being sold for $215 (without the 3D glasses), while the BenQ is being sold for $340. To help you with helping me to choose, I will not be using 3D vision. I realize that the BenQ monitor is a bit nicer, and 1' larger, but does it justify the price? I do in fact have the money for either, but if I were to go with the Asus the left over money would likely be put towards introducing me into watercooling. I really do like the BenQ and have kind of convinced myself to go with the BenQ, but deep down inside I know that the practical me would go with the Asus. Please help to convince in me the error of my ways, or to support my overzealous cravings.

P.S. I have a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 670 and a 3570k @ 4.5 @ 1.25v
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    The Asus is a much wiser choice, my friend. That BenQ is extremely overpriced, and the Asus is brighter by 50 candles/sq meter. You also have one hell of a processor if it can be overclocked to 4.5 without liquid cooling, so you could makbe even hit 5GHz with an H100.

    Get the Asus.
    Get a Corsair H100.
    Have like $20 still left over and get an awesome mouse pad or something, idk.
  2. Good to hear some other opinions. During stress testing with a CM 212+ the max was 75c. The one inch size won't make much of a difference? I am really considering going with the Asus, as I feel the real benefits of the BenQ are Lightboost. As I'm not using 3d, that benefit will be useless. BTW by watercooling I meant setting up a custom loop. I have a corsair 400d, and while it isn't a watercooling friendly case, I have done some researching and I have plans...

    Any more comments/ opinions on this topic? My mind is pretty much made up, but for anyone who knows about/has the BenQ, what are the primary features with which the manufacturer is able to justify the higher price?
  3. One inch costs you $125.

    'nuff said.
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  5. Well said sir.
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