Video Card less Then 6.25 Inches

Ok i have a problem i wanna upgrade my video card but there is a small heat sink that would be in the way of using a video card less then 6.25inches

Trying to Upgrade so i can run Arma 2 on a higher setting and increase FPS.
My Current GPU is a Gefore GT430 and 300W PSU

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium [64-bit]
AMD FX-6100 six-core processor [3.3GHz, 6MB L2/8MB L3 Cache]
8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]
1.5TB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
I'm not sure what the Motherboard is but when i go under Device Manager under computer tab it say
ACPI X64 based pc which i know is 64bit windows. but the ACPI i dont know. i've tried looking it up but this was a custom computer made by HP for a replacement for me.

My Resoultion is 1600x900 cause i actually get 1 FPS more then 1280x720 on all setting on Arma 2

I Don't really care what brand of card as long as its better then this one and will fit in my case also if it helps i can upload a picture with the heatsink that blocks expansion to see if anyone knows what it is and if its necessary or not i really wanted to get a newer video card like GTX500 or even New AMD but i can not find small enough vid card that does fit in the case.

If more info is needed lemme know id reallly like to be able to upgrade my machine
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Could you upload the picture?
  2. you could try finding a hd 7750
  3. Heres the Pic lemme know if u can make out what it is i can take another pick as for the HD 7750 i think its to big with such limited room im boned until i figure out what this heatsink is for

    " class="img lazy">
  4. That heatsink that's behind the blue wire seems very small, doesn't seem like it would cause trouble for a bigger card.
  5. it sticks out jus far enough to stop a video card from being placed there
    well it i were to extend my card it would hit each other unless know cards angle away from there i can get another pic from different angle if that helps
  6. Pic from different angle would be nice.
  7. Best answer
    it might not just be about the length of the card but more so about the shape of its cooler
    something like an ASUS Radeon HD7750 ( ) might be shaped so it clears that heatsink
  8. ya that looks like it could actually fit hopefully defintly gonna look up return policy. only problem is i only have a PCI Express 2.0 :/
  9. pci-e 3 still works on pci-e2
  10. No it would not.
  11. To identify your motherboard, run CPU-Z.

    With a 300w psu, the strongest graphics card you can run is probably the 7750.

    Pci-e 2.0/3.0 is a non issue. Cards are forward and backward compatible. Neither is ait a performance issue. Even the strongest graphics cards are minimally impacted by 2.0

    Graphics cards are only one. or two slots wide. I don't see how anything where your finger is pointing should impacta add in card.

    It looks like there is something already plugged into the pci-e x16 slot, but I can't tell what.
    I hope you are not thinking of using a X4 slot. Perhaps another pic would be helpful.

    Also, if 6.5" is really your maximum length, many 7750 cards will be longer than that.
    Lay a ruler in the case when you take another pic.
  12. 1% still counts :P
  13. 1% is for GTX 680 and HD 7970. They are at least few times more powerful than HD 7750. There won't be any difference for a card like HD 7750.
  14. tassietim said:
    1% still counts :P

    Not much to me.
    Regardless, that is only with the strongest of graphics cards. with lesser cards the difference will be even less.
  15. alrighty then thanks everyone!
  16. true 1% not much
    all cool then :D
  17. ill take another picture as soon as i can and my mother board is a Gigabyte 2AC8
    Sorry wasn't pointing at anything i was jus trying to move the wires out of the way, cause hp does a wonderful job of putting wires together in their cases.

    heres the pic with a measuring tape i lack a true ruler XD
    " class="img lazy">
  18. From that picture I can say that there's no way the heatsink will get in the way of the graphics card.
  19. oh which card it sticks out i think 3/4s of a inch. but if the video card angles away from MB then ya it should
  20. You should be able to fit a bigger card in there no problem. A radeon 7770 might be perfect for you.
  21. Garverick said:
    ill take another picture as soon as i can and my mother board is a Gigabyte 2AC8
    Sorry wasn't pointing at anything i was jus trying to move the wires out of the way, cause hp does a wonderful job of putting wires together in their cases.

    heres the pic with a measuring tape i lack a true ruler XD" class="img lazy">

    Its not going to hit that heatsink. I can guarantee it. I've installed a Radeon 5770 in a HP Pavilion like yours.

    Either way though the 7750 is going to be the best you can get with that power supply unless you want to upgrade it.
  22. From a length point of view, you can install any graphics card that is supported by your psu.

    The card will not extend lower than the height of the pci-e slpt.
  23. OK heres some more pics to let you guys know, im prolly jus being paranoid cause well im really excitied to get a new video card :pt1cable: but heres a couple of pics if you guys say it will work ill take your word and order it next week :sol:

  24. Unless you get a card with a heavily oversized heatsink, you should be fine.

    Something like this would fit nice.
  25. OK thanks everyone! one more question whats a good powersupply i look on tigger direct all the time but everyone that looks like a deal has negative reviews
  26. If you get a new power supply you can run a bigger card. The 7750 will run on that HP.

    A good power supply on Tiger is this one depending on the card you want to run.
  27. OK awesome Gf will be happy to know i wont need to spend too much money upgrading my machine. XD now how do i close this thread select the best answer and it becomes solved
  28. Should be as what everyone has been telling you, if I were and that heatsink was indeed to high and blocks longer cards I would have simply changed it out for a smaller cooler. If there were nothing around to be purchased that was already compatible I would have just grabbed an old 486 era cooler or some old cooler from off a old agp card and modded it to fit.

    Beyond that there shouldn't be any problems and no need to be so stressed out over it if you were.
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