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i had an issue with a PC after trying to change the memory on an Windows Vista PC..however the PC was not booting up so i put back the original RAM and when i booted i got the Blue screen of death error. after booting into safe mode and running diagnostics on the PC i rebooted again but still same error. i then when into the BIOS and rebooted in failsafe mode. this then caused the PC to not boot up at all, and the HDD light is not blinking, please help. what cud be the cause and how shud i fix this.\\thanks in advance

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  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall. Verify that the RAM is properly seated in the DIMMs. Find the clr_cmos jumper and move it to cover the exposed pin. Remove the silver battery. Wait a minute or so. Replace the battery. Move the clr_cmos jumper to its original position, Plug in the power cord and power-on the system.
  2. Hi i tried this option however still no improvement,i even truied to switch to the onboard graphics card but still no luck

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