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Can i use intel hd4000 IGPU out of the box?
In more detail to use it to install window 7?
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  1. Yes, I have Win7 Pro with the i7-3770 with the HD4000 integrated graphics.

    If you plan on gaming, will need a graphics card, but I watch Blu-Ray and HD videos online with no problems.
  2. I just want to use it for the first boot to install bunch of drivers and window, that all, do u need to install the driver first or just use it right away?(hd4000)
  3. Or probably this should be move to gpu section.. My bad
  4. you can use any gpu right out of the box with generic drivers that are on the windows dvd.

    chances are there are even drivers specifically for that gpu.

    in short, yes, you can use it to install other drivers.
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    Integrated graphics is similar to discrete graphics in that they both work "right out of the box" with the generic drivers that Windows uses. After the installation process is completed, you can then install the specific drivers for the graphics card/core.
  6. Alright, i got it now
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