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AMD Radeon HD 6870 Or GTX 550TI Superclocked

So to the HWCompare, my 550TI is a whole lot different, instead of 1GB of ddr5, its 2, and it has a higher clock speed, this is what is causing my problem as people are going off of a worse card of what mine is D:

So, i have bet this has been asked before, but since i couldnt find it, i might as well ask
I am making my own computer, first time ;) And i went to look for graphics cards, i was looking around and all that but i found a GTX 550TI From Best Buy, was on sale and saw it was a SuperClocked and had 2 GB of DDR5 for 160$ Now im not so sure, i have read many times how the 550TI underperforms, but this is for the 1gb ddr5 and non superclock, this also came with a 3 year warranty, which i will probably upgrade by then or put into my old computer ;)
Other thing is, i havnt opened this card yet so should i buy a Radeon 6850 for the same price and just return the TI, I used toms hardware forums for a lot of questions and you guys have been great :)
Btw, this is the card
Thanks all! Btw, if need be i can post more info on new Specs if needed :)
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  1. Ugh, main problem is the fact my 550TI isnt the one shown in the comparison...this one has twice the memory and more clock speed!
    Sorry if i seem a bit impatient, free shipping for direct on monday ends on the amazon card, but it ends tomarrow and i need some fast responses D:
    That is when all the other parts on my computer come in also.
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    ^6870 for sure.

    And even though the 550Ti might have a higher clock, the 6870 is faster. Think of it this way.

    You know what cores are right? In a computer? K. So say you have a dual-core clocked at a pretty high speed, say 3.0GHz. Pretty quick. But say you have a quad core next to it, with 4 cores running at 2.4GHz. Which is going to run faster? The one with more cores. The total processing power of the dual core would be 6.0GHz and of the quad would be 9.6GHz (thats probably not right but you get the point).

    Thats the point, higher clock isnt always the faster choice.
  3. what is your resolution? I believe this is a gaming rig.. 2GB vram doesn't improve your frame rate a lot if you are playing @1080p or below.. GTX 550 ti 2GB vram+increased clock speed can't beat hd6850 in gaming performance.. HD 6850 is comparable to GTX 460..
  4. Deemo13 explained it nicely.. Also i don't know op talking about HD 6850 or 6870.. Anyway here is the way it goes..

    550ti < HD6850 < HD6870

    If you can afford, 6870 is the best choice..
  5. Oh my goodness, you just made my day :) That makes sense, i didnt think of it like that! One more question though, how can you tell which is faster though? I havnt seen a thing like cores on card's yet *Granted im new so i probably just missed it* And i would like to know what they are called!
    I bet it's the shader clock or something like that?
    Well my internet just went all weird and had multiple posts from different tabs...odd..Thanks all!
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  7. Here is a perfect example. 6950 vs 6870



    Now if you head over to the details tab of both of the cards, you can see that the 6950 has 1408 "stream processors" (sometimes they're called different things) clocked at 810MHz

    Now if you look at the 6870, it has a 900MHz core clock, but only has 1120 "stream procesors"

    There are also a few other factors, like in any computer, such as the speed of the RAM and the motherboard, but the main thing is the processor.
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