Broken Pentium II CPU??

Hello, I'm a computer collector (especially cpu collector).
When I got a pentium II computer, i can't turn on the computer.
the fans are rounding, and the chipsets are warm.
but the cpu still cold. I'm worrying the cpu is broken, but it's rare to hear that cpu broken.
in the heatsink there are many dust. I'm worrying that the cpu was burnt.
the mainborad is acer. is the cpu dead? the percentage possibility?
or other components, i haven't try to do a full clean but i've erase the cpu and ram pins with pencil eraser.
Thanks for helping.
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  1. that processor's older than i am. im not surprised
  2. It is possible that it may have failed long ago, I did have a old p3 450 slot 1 give out on me years ago. You can easily track down another p2 for hardly nothing, its the certain few models like the 333mhz that are hard to find.
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