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Advice for a witcher 2 build

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September 7, 2012 5:10:13 PM

hi dudes, thanks for dropping by this thread. Im planning to build a pc this holiday season to be able to play witcher 2. as many may know, this game is a bitch to run, dragged my poor pc to its knees on low. finally decided to udgrade my older pc. this is a rough idea of what I plan on building:

cpu: amd phenom 2x4, phenom 2x6, or fx-4100
gpu: amd 6950, 7850, or 7870
ram: 8gb corsair vengeance ddr3 9-9-9-24
psu: corsair cx600 with 40A on the single 12v rail(according to newegg spec tab)
budget: not really important at the moment, just keep in mind the price of the mentioned parts are close to what I plan to spend on each part.

as you see this isnt a whole pc, but just the parts I need advice for. Im decided to gamble on the little guy AMD here in hopes they bring out a competitive product in the future with am3+ socket. and as far as I know, these amd cpus dont really bottleneck dramatically in current intense games. I also dont overclock dramatically, though I do plan on buying some fancy air cooler to be safe. is there much downside or upside in choosing an fx-4100 over a phenom 2?

for gpu, again I am supporting the little guy AMD. The recent quarter revenue charts announced by amd and nvidia were surprising where amd barely got any gains and nvidia got 75% more. I feel I should support amd for making low priced more than competitive gpus. I really cant rely on youtube videos showing amd rigs running the game because all them range from 30fps-70 fps average on the same rig -.- and there are barely any good gpu reviews with witcher 2. Its a long shot, but Im looking for 50-60fps avg on a 1080p 60hz monitor. ultra specs WITHOUT ubersampling and post processing(i find motion blur terribly ugly and resource hungry). so, would a 7850 or 6950 be enough to run these specs or do I need at least a 7870?

for Ram, I not sure about this timing thing. is there much dramatic difference between 9-9-9-24, 9-10-9-27, 10-10-10-27? is corsair reliable(last me a few years)?

now for psu. this is where I get overly confused. there are too many cheapo psu makers out there, so I decided to go with corsair, which Ive seen be mentioned in many reliable psu arguments. a week ago I found a chart here on THG forum showing a list of psus and a tier1-5 scale of reliability. since THG search is a nightmare to use, I couldnt really refind that chart though. Would anyone mind linking to that thread? the thing I do remember from the chart is that the corsair cx was tier 3. would this cx corsair psu be reliable for someone who normally plays tf2 for 12 hours a week and other games around 5 hours(I plan to marathon through witcher 2 though)? as you see Ill need a really reliable psu. also I dont have a clue how much amperage the 7870 and 6950 need. i read on a thg thread that 7850 needs 24A, but only need 1 6 pin connector. the 7870 needs 2 6 pin connectors and I have no clue if 40A on 12v rail is enough.

I hope I dont annoy the dudes here in the forums with these possibly repetitive questions. i really cant understand THG search. this is my first build. also forgot to mention, I am a victim of the recent summer and winter steam sales. have collected over 100 games in the last 2 years, around 30 of which I cant play because my laptop is too weak. I plan on playing most of them in the next year with my new pc, and Im REALLY stressing on my point of reliable parts.

thanks for reading this essay thing I just wrote. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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September 16, 2012 2:12:24 AM

bumping this for 1st and last time. dont want to annoy people.