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Question regrading 7750 multiple monitors

Hi i am new here and so far how found nothing to help my unique situation. So i am soon going to be updating my Geforce 9500gt to the Radeon 7750.

Currently I have one 1280x1024 monitor hooked in the dvi-i port via dvi-i to vga converter and one 1024x1024 monitor hooked in via vga port to my 9500gt.

The problem i am having is when upgrading to the 7750 is that if i go with a model like (, I will have to buy an expensive display port to vga adapter to run both my monitors.
(and just to clarify i am only using second monitor as extended desktop for windows, i do not need eyefinity, and i plan on gaming off of the big monitor, not on two screens)

My solution so far would be to buy the GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7750 as in the link ( and an adapter for dvi-d to vga ( ) so my question is will this work?
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    Speaking as someone using two DP to VGA adapters in a 5 monitor Setup (a 6850 and a 4850) I don't understand why you're so against it?

    You don't have to buy a super expensive one, my two both came from Ebay and were about $5 each. Here's a link to a similar model to one of mine (the other is one is more donglesque).

    I can give you my word that they work fine with no problem :)
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  3. thanks completely forget to check ebay
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