AMD FX-8350 compatible with AsRock 970 Extreme4 motherboard?

I was wondering if those are compatible? I read through pretty much every motherboard on the site I found both from, and none of them had FX processors in them. It's a 8-core 4,0Ghz processor. Also both of them are AM3+
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  1. anyone?
  2. should be ok if the mobo support am3+
  3. all u might have to do is update ur bios either manually through the website listed above or u can simply do instant flash in your bios and it should find the correct bios for the 8350. that's all I did with my icafe770 when I got my 835. upgraded to bios p2.00
  4. Yes, it's fine...

    Any 970 series motherboard will support the FX8350 as long as the motherboard is 125W TDP...(the extreme series from Asrock should be across the board). As stated above, make sure you run the newest version of BIOS.
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