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Can anyone help me please, whenever I play games on my pc I get fast moving, flashing coloured lines coming from the centre of my screen and after a few seconds my computer freezes and I have to turn it off and re boot. Everything else works fine, word, photoshop, internet browsing, etc, its just when I game. I've run the diagram tests and they all say no problems. I tried to update my drivers but everytime I do, the installation gets 3 quarters of the way through and fails with no explanation! My graphics card is nvidia geforce 600 series and my computer is xp. If anyone can help I'll be so grateful, its driving me mad! Thanks in advance
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  1. Could you take a picture of what is happening?
  2. The fact that the computer has crashed mid way through a driver install doesn't help but can you give us full specs of your computer. CPU, exact model of graphics card, motherboard model and most importantly the make and model of your PSU.

    Also if you have made any changes to the computer recently (installed a new Graphics card for example) and was it ok before you did this.

  3. i get the same exactly thing, except it doesn't crash!? game starts out fine, but after maybe ten minutes a white diagonal lightening starts flashing across the screen, in random places. it's very distracting. :( I have a Radeon 6700 graphics card. i too tried to update drivers, it told me they were all up to date. lately if i'm doing a few things at once though it seems to be approaching overheating. especially graphic-heavy things, like cgi modelling or even just running flash video. anyone have any ideas? i'm using win7. Intel i3 cpu 540 @ 3.07 ghz.

    i've noticed the lines mostly in the older games i'm playing, like age of mythology and civ iv. doesn't do it on sims medieval.

    impossible to take a picture of this, because it's like trying to take a picture of lightning. it's quick flashes, on and off, in bursts. really hard to catch, impossible to anticipate, so photos not really an option.

    thanks for any help.

    - bronwynne.
  4. After reading a ton of other less-than-helpful threads... most saying "prob virus". :/ i just found this, most helpful info yet:

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