Windows xp freezing on startup

Im using windows xp sp3..and past 2 - 3 weeks my pc started freezing once or twice a day untill yesterday. It was freezing in every 2minutes sometimes on the win xp loading screen or on the please help..cant get over it.

This is what i have tried overcoming this problem but still didnt help: Restored computer to an earlier time
Cleaned the pc.. cpu and gpu temperature is around 50c
And have around 30%free space in c drive where windows is installed....
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  1. Hello Maanas

    try this:

    Boot into safe mode with command prompt (push F8 on startup and select the option)
    Type "chkdsk /r" into the black command prompt box when it come up.
    It will likely tell you that a reboot is required to run the scan, the command for that is "shutdown /r /t 0".

    this will perform a full disk check and find and fix the vast majority of errors, keep us posted with any updates!
  2. hey thanks for replying.....yeah i tried doing what u said... The first time i did chkdsk it had 5 steps and the pc again freezed at the 3rd i rebooted and did it completed all 5 steps this time but no improvement its still the same.

    Theres one more thing i tried doing..i changed the wire with a new one which connects the hrd disk and the mobo... but same didnt help.
  3. try and run a memtest to see if it is your RAM playing up.
  4. Try mong itestdisk ung hard drive
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