Gt550ti or hd7750

gt550ti or hd7750 which 1 is cheaper?
performance vs price and pls give me links to newegg
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  1. ever tried google, or going to new egg yourself. get the finger out, and do a little work for youself!!
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    Well I would get the 7750 over the 550 Ti anyday of the week. I have two of the 550 Ti's in SLI and they are the worst gaming cards that nVidia ever put out. Besides the 7750 does a better job.

    I will link you to the bench on the two cards. As for price I do believe the 7750 is a better price. Good luck to you and I hope this helps.

    550 Ti vs 7750

    Thes are all the 550 Ti's

    However this one is the only 7750 I would recommend.
  3. What is the budget you are willing to spend on a GPU? That would give me a better idea on what GPU to recommend.
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