Looking for a new graphic card

I'm looking for a new graphic card suitable to play games like assassins creed and skyrim with high resolution.

Intel E5700 3 GHz
300 watt

My budget is about $250. I don't need the best of the best. Just enough to be able to play games like the ones I mentioned decently.
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  1. Is your case standard size? If so, I recommend the following combo:

    It will for sure be worth it :).
  2. I believe so, but can i use this graphic card also without the extra power?
  3. No... you need a good 550W /600W PSU for that GPU (or similar as AMD 6870/6950).

    However keep in mind that I probably your CPU wont be able to deliver the maximum of those GPU's... For that CPU of your a 550 TI maybe... it would be more balanced.

    Honestly I think you should think in long terms and get a new quad core as i5 2500k + PSU... And in a few months a new GPU, by the that time 660 TI will be out and the prices will be lower for 560ti or 6870... and with a new cpu yes u can play high res and fully access the power of those GPU's. IMO.
  4. I'm really not looking for anything else but a graphic card. Isn't there a card I could use which is good enough and doesn't need any other upgrades?
  5. What graphic card u currently have? With a 300W power supply I doubt there will be any GPU for you to play those games with those settings. But others are welcome to share their thoughts too.
  6. It's an onboard so not a very good one. But you're right, I will need extra power. Any idea's on a good one? I have no idea what to look for.
  7. I gave you link to both great graphics and card power supply. You don't like them?

    @centaurius: his CPU is more than enough for GTX 560 Ti. It will not bottleneck, so putting a GTX 560 Ti inside isn't a bad thing to do. Skyrim doesn't use more than 2 cores:

    And Core 2 Duo @ 3GHz isn't worse than phenom.
  8. mar_18 said:
    It's an onboard so not a very good one. But you're right, I will need extra power. Any idea's on a good one? I have no idea what to look for.

    Your CPU may bottleneck most of the newer graphics cards. If you want high on skyrim you will most likely have to upgrade your cpu as well.
  9. I like the card, but can I just use that power supply? Do they always fit?
  10. The strongest graphics card you can run on your PSU is probably the HD7750 (unless your PSU is a Bestec or other junk, in which case a HD6570 if you're lucky), which needs no auxiliary power. It will handle those games quite nicely at up to 1440x900, but if you want to play at 1920x1080 then you should take Sunius' advice. You'll need a stronger PSU. If you don't have the wiggle room in your budget to accommodate his initial suggestion, change the graphics card to a HD6870 or GTX560 (non-Ti).
  11. What's the difference between the GTX 560 and the GTX 560 ti?
  12. GTX 560 Ti is around 15% faster and a bit more expensive. And yes, power supplies are universal, it will fit your PC for sure.
  13. the gtx 560 has lesser shaders and a lower or same clock speed (336 shaders for the 560 vs 384 for ti)
  14. But the gtx 560 is enough if i want to play those games?
    About the power supply, is 500 watt enough?
  15. yup will work fine a good quality 500 w psu
    its enough for most games (except bf3 ) @ 1080p
  16. Depends on the brand. If it's quality brand, it will be enough for sure. If it's trash brand, it will not be enough even at 700 watts:

    GTX 560 is weaker. If it's enough, that's up to you to decide.
  17. Okay, but how do i make sure it's of good quality? Are there any specs I should look for?
  18. first look for brands like corsair , seasonic etc
    note - avoid cooler master psu
    read forums ( like this one !), user review etc to find out any issues
    then contact us to confirm and simply buy!
  19. It's an even better one, but I'd say it's a bit expensive. The one I linked is a little bit better one than the corsair as well, but it's cheaper.
  20. How can u tell it's a better one?
    I can actually get this one for less than the other one rto_c suggested in my town.
  21. if you can , then get the xfx one
    it offers better amperage than the corsair
  22. Is xfx a good brand?

    And back on the actual topic, is a club3D a good brand for the gtx 560 card?
  23. XFX is a great brand. However, Club3D is a budget brand. The card will be OK, though I doubt you can overclock it much.
  24. the brand doesnt make a great difference for a gfx card
    just get the one with the best cooler and the highest overclock
    i recommend this one-
  25. So club3D isn't very good. What about MSI?
  26. panwala, that one is expensive :P The one I linked would be a better option because of $250 total budget for both graphics card and the power supply.
  27. Sunius said:
    panwala, that one is expensive :P The one I linked would be a better option because of $250 total budget for both graphics card and the power supply.

    sorry didnt read!
  28. MSI is much better brand. Their coolers are exceptional.
  29. but isnt directcu 2 (asus ) better than msi tf2?
  30. Not really, they are similar.
  31. then its final either find asus direct cu 2 or msi twinfrozr 2 version
  32. I wouldn't say so. Even though I would stay away from Club3D, other brands like MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, Zotac are all good, you will not be disappointed with either of them.
  33. hear ! hear!
  34. how about the gtx 480? it runs a little louder and hotter but has overall better performance.
  35. I like it to be as quiet as possible actually, but thanks for the advice
  36. get it it is good
  37. Great! Thanks for all your quick reply! I'll be looking forward to gaming with the new equipment :D
  38. Well, the card you linked is weaker than GTX 560 :) But it should be cheaper too.
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