Graphics Card not showing up in dxdiag/msinfo/GPU-Z! Help please!

Hi all,

I recently built a computer with a Radeon HD6870 graphics card. However, when I go into dxdiag, msinfo or GPU-Z, my Display unit shows up as the Intel HD Family? I downloaded the AMD Catalyst driver off the website so I don't know why this is going on...anyone have any answers?

I don't know how to post images here but I can try and help you guys out.

By the way, my motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77-D3H.

Thanks guys! :??:
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  1. first connect your display connector to your graphic card
    then go to the bios and disable igpu
    or if you havent installed drivers then do so
  2. I second panwala. You need to connect your monitor directly to your graphics card, and not the motherboard.
  3. My monitor is quite old and so I'm using a VGA connector, of which there doesn't seem to be a similar fitting one on my motherboard :S
    Thanks guys, I'll try and search for a different cable and get back to you.

    Edit: VGA connector as opposed to DVI-D. The only ports on my monitor are VGA and DVI-D.
    I don't have a VGA to DVI-D connector and so can't currently connect my monitor to the graphics card, instead of the motherboard.

    Any other solutions? Thanks for your help so far.
  4. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. It's impossible to use graphics card if you're connecting monitor to the motherboard. Sorry, but getting a proper cable is the only option.
  6. Ok, thanks. So a DVI-D cable or VGA to DVI-D adaptor?

    My graphics card has DVI-D and HDMI, my monitor has DVI-D and VGA.
  7. For best quality results, I'd suggest a DVI-D cable.
  8. Thanks, I've ordered one. Do I still have to go into BIOS and disable the iGPU as panwala described?

    Thanks again!
  9. you try and tell us!
  10. you don't. It should detect it automatically.
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