Crossfire 6950's NEED HELP

Hey guys,

I recently got a second SAPPHIRE 6950 to go with my current one, the exact same cards. I completely removed everything AMD/ATI related ran driver sweeper and did a fresh install (More than once), but noticed that the performance was the same as it was while running one card. After I figured out you cant run crossfire in windowed mode, I realized I still had the same problem. I have tried almost every setting in CCC, tried multiple profiles..still having the problem where the GPU's wont run over 30% usage while playing SWTOR. Iv noticed that they are scaling pretty well, but they are just not performing like two 6950's should.

I ran Furmark and utilized 90+% the whole test, but when I ran Kombuster, I noticed that the GPU load was dropping frequently... it was terrible, for a while during the test I dropped to 0% load.

During Heaven the GPU's scale great and I get good FPS, but if I alt tab out to check temps/GPU usage % then tab back into the test, It drops the 2nd GPU and finishes out the test with only 1 card.

Iv tried just about everything I can think of, uninstalled/reinstalled everything more than once..GPU-Z show's that both cards are running on x8 2.0 stock speeds 820/1250 both cards same frequency..crossfire bridge connected all that good stuff..I disabled my PCIE link state threw windows.

SWTOR is the game that I play and Im running like 25 FPS in warzones...I should be smashing ATLEAST 50 FPS with crossfired 6950's...I just dont understand why I cant get over 30% GPU usage (or shitty framerates to be direct)

I had my processor OC'd to 4.2ghz and came to the conclusion that I tried everything I could think of, it has to be a PSU problem (so I think)..maybe the cards arent getting enough power. So I reset my processor back to its stock speed of 3.3ghz trying to free up some of the PSU juice. I still had the same problem (if not worse with the slower cpu speed). lol so I set it back to 4.2 ghz

__________________________________________________ _________
My rig is:
*Asus 990x EVO mobo
*AMD FX-6100 3.3ghz stock overclocked to 4.2ghz with a CM Hyper 212 cooler.
*8GB (2sticks duel channel) corsair ddr3 1600mhz
*Sapphire Radeon 6950'sx2 crossfire (I wish)
*2t HDD 5200
*bout 6 case fans
*700W CM Silentpro PSU
*Win Pro 7 x64
*Samsung 1920x1080 monitor with HDMI

I really cant think of anything else, so I came to the conclusion that it was a PSU bottleneck, plus the Asus website says I need 900W minimum for my set up...I ordered (100W)...Althought I noticed the same problems when I reverted my CPU back to stock speed (which lowered the CPU voltage thus freeing up some of the PSU juice)?

Please if anyone has any information or ideas to help I would extremely appreciate it!!! here is a link of my last benchmarks

^Kombuster: (score:x1359)
^Heaven: Score 2695 @107 FPS
^I dont remember what my Furmark score was

PS: Im not a total computer skrub, but this was my first build, so im not totally fluent with everything there is to know in computer terms.

P.S.S: I ordered an SSD when I ordered that backup PSU lol figured I might as well...

Any Ideas or information would be greatly appreciated :D
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  1. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head:

    When you uninstalled "everything AMD/ATI related" did you accidentally uninstall your motherboard's drivers? Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your motherboard, check the support page.

    Did you install the most recent AMD graphics drivers (12.6 latest stable) AND the Catalyst Application Profiles? (12.7 CAP1 is the latest). As I recall, SW:TOR launched without XFire support but it was added awhile back so you should at least be seeing better performance with XFire enabled... in other words something isn't quite right.

    Are you sure you aren't getting any better results in XFire mode? Try running benches like Heaven and 3dMark11 in single card mode and then in XFire mode. What are the differences in scores?

    How are the CPU and both GPU's temps under load?

    The SSD will be nice, but won't have any effect on this problem as you probably already know.
  2. the CPU temp doesnt go much over 50c under load and the GPU depending on which test im running verries. I saw it last night reach around 72c during Furmark before I decided it was too hott and quit the test. but during heaven and kombustor im running around 65c'ish.

    Im not sure I reinstalled the 12.7 CAP1 but im going to do that now. I actually completely wiped the game off my computer and am in the middle of downloading the patches as we speak.

    Im going to retest after the reinstall with the SWTOR.exe profile from 12.7 CAP1 and Ill let you know what happens. Ill also pull one of the cards out and test the benchmark differences with heaven. Even though if I just alt tab while running the test, ill tab back in and be running only one card anyway lol. (duno why this happens)..but I do see a significant difference during the heaven test between 1 card and 2).
  3. Also im noticing that CPUID is saying my Mainbord temp is around 32c...I really have no clue, but that seems kind of hott to me??

    I forgot to answer your question, I did a Bios update on my MB after the removal of all the ATI stuff so I would think that all the drivers are still installed, but I really have no idea to tell you the truth lol. It seems like they are.
  4. it has to be the cpu-mobo i am running two 6850 at stock settings and i get 80-110 fps in swtor, depending where i am. that is on the highest settings @ 1600 x 900 .
  5. I havent tried to lower the resolution yet, I just assumed it should work on 1920x1080. What do you suggest I try doing to confirm the issue in order to take the necessary steps to fix it?
  6. just lower the res one tick and retest i would change it in game. i was a bit dissapointed to there does not seem to be much of a boost in crossfire vs single card i think was about a ten fps boost.
  7. When your playing SWTOR what GPU usage % are you getting?
  8. not sure i did not install any software to monitor % of usage. what are you % are you seeing.
  9. download MSI afterburner and monitor your GPU usage while your in a warzone..just zone into the WZ play it for like 5 min, then alt tab into msi and see what the GPU usage % is. What kind of FPS you get in WZ battles?
  10. i'll check it out and update you.

    with the ctrl+shift+f

    it shows it at 80 fps in pvp
  11. damn 80 fps while fighting or 80fps while standing around waiting for battle to start? Im gettin around 80ish when I zone in, but it drops to less than 30 fps while im in battles.
  12. no its 110 standing around 80 fighting could there be such a different in the amd and intel platform. although i am playing at a lower resolution. 1600x900. i am still using 12.4 driver what one are you on? i will try at a higher resolution and see if it drops that much.
  13. Im using 12.6 rite now. What speed is your i5? from what I heard the game is kind of CPU intensive. I was playing on the highest resolution 1920x1080 try it out and see what happens. Also let me know what your GPU usage is while your fighting it out. lol Iv been running into battles and not even doing anything but staring at my FPS...iv tried so much to resolve this issue...did you install SWTOR after you set up crossfire? or did u have the game installed then upgrade to crossfire?
  14. stock 3.4 idle 3.7 under load never gets above 50% usage.

    set up crossfire first, then installed.

    i have heard on some amd builds shutting off "bloom" can help but i have not tried.
  15. Yea Iv tried just about every setting there is :\..let me know what your GPU usage is looking like, I uninstalled the game and have been reinstalling it and DLing patch's for the past few hours so Im going to retest after I get it installed and see what happens.
  16. You said the GPUs do scale much better in Unigine? If so then it is working and its software related problem with the game. Get the newest AMD profile update for the game.

    And yes crossfire only works if the program or game is using the entire screen, not windowed.
  17. Yes they scale great with Unigine! I think that Im running the correct profile..I just go to 3d application settings under the CCC gaming section, scroll all the way to the bottom and select use AMD Pre-defined profile then click on SWTOR.exe and hit apply?

    I just reinstalled the game finally and it changed nothing...other than completely whipe out my UI and cause a giant pain in the ass..

    I tried running Unigine at the same time I ran SWTOR and nothing changed.

    Still getting crap FPS at low GPU usage.
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