PC to TV connection - HELP!!

I am trying to run my DVD player through my TV but I am having problems. First off here is my system specs:-
AMD Duron 750Mhz
Gigabyte 71XE4 M/Board
256Mb PC 100
Gainward Geoforce 2 400mx Golden Sample S-Video TV-Out
Fujutsu 20Gb MPG3204AT E HDD
CyberDrv CW018D CD-R/RW
Rockwell HCF 56K Modem
Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI
Packard Bell 17" A726 Monitor
Win 98

Here is the story so far.

I have connected the PC to my TV as follows:-

My graphics card has an S video connector with an adapter cable for a standard video plug. I have connected the plug and audio from my sound card (using an adapter from a 3.5mm jack plug to twin audio cables) to the TV using the SCART plug.

I then set up the graphics card for twin view with one as the monitor and the other as a TV using PAL-I (for the UK).

I then followed the instructions for tuning the TV but I can't seem to get any signal. The SCART lead has an In/Out selector switch on it and the only thing I can get it to do is for the TV sound to play through my PC when I set it to the In position. Obviously I want it to go in the other direction!!!!!

Does anybody have any idea where I am going wrong or have any suggestions for sites I could try etc?

Thanks in advance.


p.s DVD playback to my monitor is okay.
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  1. What is SCART? I see you have S-Video out but you aren't using it? You are using an adapter? Sorry, it's kind of hard to follow.

    I am kind of old school. I always start simple and work up from there. Is there a way you can check just the S-Video out of your card? If you follow me.... Just get one thing working at a time, that way you can find your issue.

    Is it just DVD that doesn't play though the TV? Or, you can't get anything to the TV?

    Pally 1.2@1.4 (10x140)
    MSI K7 Master
    Swiftech MC462
    Crucial 256 DDR x1
  2. Have you tried thumbing through the channels. Sometimes TVs just use separate channels for a different video-in source.. some of the newer ones actually have a buttons to select the different sources. And I will say this. Any time you take s-video and run it through composite by way of an adapter.. it tends to suck at it's best. And only larger (above 20") higher end TVs usually come with s-video jacks. With that combined with having to have a pc in the vecinity of the TV otherwise cables galore, I say screw it and got me a stand alone box. Looks GREAT!!!!!!!! Why use $1000 machine for what a $100-150 dollar machine will do nicely.

    ***check the jumpers 1st then check em again***
  3. Further to previous post.

    A SCART socket is a large rectangular socket with 20 pins. SCART may just be the British name, the US name may be different.

    Until today I was not getting any signal but now I have green screen (same as windows background) which changes colour as I change the windows background colour.

    I also get sound perfectly on the TV.
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