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Basically when I start a game the graphic card will turn the screen black or reboot the computer. The 670 worked fine until it went black all of the sudden while playing a game and then the fans started to spin at max speed when I try to boot the computer. Now all I get is a black screen on boot and the 670's fan spinning at max speed. I barely got the gpu today when I exchanged it for the last 670 I had which died due to the same problem and I only had that one for less than a month. My 570 also died due to the same problem so I'm starting to think it's either bad luck with the cards or something else.

Motherboard: p8p67 pro
Cpu: i-5 2500k
psu: 850w Corsair
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  1. It could be due to the motherboard or PSU, that the cards are all failing. Although, I do think, it's mostly the PSU. Have you got a spare one to test it out?
  2. No I don't, but I just found out also when I put in one power port instead of 2 into the gpu the fan will still spin at max speed if that helps any. I will try to get another psu from a friend and try to test it out.
  3. What happens when you try and put two.
    I'm starting to think this is an issue with the PSU.
    Check with your friend's PSU and report back.
  4. Just found out the problems after taking it to microcenter, it was just another faulty card careful with evga's 670 guys.
  5. Another issue with the card?
  6. I would try another psu. It's unlikely you have three cards dying due to manufacturer defects.

    I've had an EVGA 670 since launch and have had no problems.
  7. ^ I agree. I'm quite sure it's PSU related and not another GPU defect.
    Try another PSU.
  8. Oh no not 3, I meant to say I took my computer to thier repair shop and they ran tests on my computer to find out the only problem was the graphic card. I will be exchanging for my 3rd card this weekend.
  9. Report back with the results.
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