Need a New Card for my XPS 8300?

Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my 6450 in my XPS 8300 with a better card, which is why I am here.
With that being said, can anyone recommend a card that I could put in WITHOUT changing the power supply?
(From what I remember, the 8300 comes with a 460W PSU, so I have a choice of cards...right?)

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  1. How much room do you have in the system? Can you please post your complete specs, would make things a lot nicer. Also a budget would be great, just to get an idea...
  2. You could run a 7870 with that power supply. It uses 2 6-pin connectors but is not very power hungry. Open the case and tell us how many amps are on the +12v rail of your PSU.
  3. Not because I recommend this, but to let you know it works: I installed a 560ti 448 in my wife's 8300 with the 460w psu (it turns out to be a Delta model) and it works fine. The whole system draws less than 300w from the wall.

    I love the card, but there are cheaper faster models now and the 660 should be just around the corner.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys! I'm assuming, (hopefully) that all the XPS 8300 are all about the same, so I'd like to hear from anyone who's successfully upgraded one.
    Also, I have a budget of ~$150, so I'd like to hear your guys' input as well.

    Haven't gotten around to opening the case, but hopefully any other XPS 8300 owners can share some info.
  5. See my last post. I installed a new graphics card. I considered replacing the psu, but determined it was unnecessary. That case is pretty cramped and not really designed to be worked on.

    The 6450 is pretty slow, so for $150 you can do considerably better. I'd try to get a 6870 or 560. Watch for sales. For example, right now Newegg has a 560 for less than $150 with mail in rebate.

    There's a picture of the label on the PSU. Hope I can get some more answers. Thanks guys!
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