Just bought new PC please help me get it running, won't boot


so yeah spent over a grand on a completely new rig and the monitor would turn on but come up with nothing. so I took a stick of ram out.. now it boots up, shuts down after a few seconds and then shuts off again. After a few seconds it turns itself on and does the same thing, repeating.

No thermal paste was applies by my friend during building the PC, not sure if necessary or related. Using gigabyte ga-z7x-ud5h motherboard with i7 3770K.

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  1. Basically you just have to go through everything one by one from the beginning and make sure everything is connected right.

    No thermal paste? That is a requirement, however if it is the stock cooler it comes with it's own blob on the bottom of the heatsink already.
  2. Rom stick wasn't fully in, and now it boots up fine. The problem now is only that it doesn't show anything up on monitors. I tried plugging two different ones in, they remain blank
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