New Gaming PC Build Big Problem!

Hey guys,

I have a rather big issue at hand.. first things first, I wanted to build my own gaming PC and started to order all the components to make it happen..

My parts are,

Processor - Core i7 3770k 3,5Ghz
WaterCooling - Corsair Hydro 100i ( H100i )
GraphicsCard - Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 2Gb
Ram - Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 16Gb 4x4gb
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V Pro
SSD - Samsung 840 128Gb Pro Series
Powersuply - Corsair AX750 Gold

They're mounted on my NZXT 810 or 820 Gunmetal Black Full Tower (It's huge)

Anyway, my problem at hand... We're looking at really good components that would push my gaming a bit good during the few years I going to spend on using it but wont be able to since..

I got all the parts today except the AX750, 2x4Gb Corsair Vengeance Memory and the case itself.

I built it today with a friend, and it all looked really good, nice and tidy, all the cables connected to their right place. I'm gonna post pictures later on.

I also had a friend who aided me in the build by phone, all the components installed as instructed without and damages to them, ex. the processor dealt with huge carefullness, the same with the cooling etc etc..

Basically I didn't rush into things.. So after the build it was time for the long waited boot...

And there we go..

The motherboard lamp is glowing green as it should once power is connected to the system. I try to boot it and there is basically nothing at all...
The only thing I get is some weir click sound from what it seems to be the AX750 powersupply, as it wont let the computer boot..

After that, I try to boot it once again, but there is no sound, no fans running absolutely nothing, I try to remove some memory, leaving 1 or 2 on the blue sides and try to boot again, still same sound..
I also try by removing the Graphicscard and just want it to boot, but still nothing..

Well now it's time to tripple check after the doublecheck if all cables are pinned in the right spot etc..

I also tried with both on and off the little transoformator that you can locate in the bottom right corned.. +P LED, -P LED, Power SW, Resed SW, HDD SW..

I talked to my friend and he says he just spoke to an PC Engineer and what it seems to be, that the SSD and the HDD are clicking somehow..

Please aid me in this awful situation that I'm currently in..

Also, I turned to computer in for a ErrorCheck, will cost me round about 35€, I'd rather pay that amount before I start to ruin something for good to be honest.

Well this is my awesome and sad story, hope you can find any way to help me.


Kevin Malke
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  1. No one that can help?
  2. It's really hard to say.

    My only advice is double check that everything is in its right place, all cables connected properly etc.

    Start from the bottom if you can't make it happen. You can't do anything else I guess.
  3. Kevinm93 said:
    No one that can help?

    Have some patience unless you want your thread closed due to bumping.
  4. Mousemonkey said:
    Have some patience unless you want your thread closed due to bumping.

    My apologies.. being to hasty.

    Answer to lostgamer_03
    Yeah, I'll do that if the local experts canät figure it out..

    Though could it be an indicator on an defect Powersupply? But the fun part is, is it really defect? Since it's giving power to the computer anyway :O
  5. what about trying another psu from ur friend?
    since the most boot issues is caused by a power supply failure.

    if not working, then u better give to any near PC engineer or store etc...
    to repair it/make it work correctly.

    and also check the cables again u may find a wrong-placed cable or something like that.
  6. Check your mobo and make sure there is power running through it. This has happened to my friend and he had to send his mobo back to asus and got a new one. The mobo's 24 pin was get short circuted and nothing was getting power.

  7. Did you make sure not to shock your motherboard during the build? Did you ground yourself? Was the PSU second hand? We're any of the components dropped during the build (hdd).
  8. i sense Ram issue. did u wore any anti-static thingy or properly handled the components?
  9. Check the manual of your motherboard, you may have misplaced the sockets of the on/off switch of your CPU.
    Make sure that you have put them in the right pins. I had the same problem once, I cant get my CPU to turn on since I put the wrong ends to the wrong pins. Good luck
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