Plugging 3 monitors to a double VGA (DVI) GPU

hey guys so this is my first question here, I'm not happy that it is dumb xD but i'd like to know if there is any way possible to put 3 screens of the same size into a graphics card that has only 2 VGA or DVI plugs. :)
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    Generally speaking, no, unless you don't mind two of the monitors displaying the same thing. There are probably exceptions on high end cards, and if Matrox is still around they are likely making specialty cards for this sort of thing, but the vast majority of cards only support two monitors no matter how many output options they may have. So while you could probably split the output of one cable to provide the same image on 2/3 of the displays, you can only have two independent displays.
  2. thanks, you've been very informative :)
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