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  1. It supports atx, matx, so it fits.
    Though you could get a better mobo with a better chipset, standard atx for just a bit more :
  2. where did u find information on what it supports because all it says is ATX
  3. Because most cases supports atx and matx, with holes for multiple spacing.
    If you feel unsure, get those mobos mention above, they're atx and much better than the one you're looking for.
  4. but im new to the pc building side of things and that board looks too complicated for me
  5. What board ?
    The difficulty is the same, standard atx gives less hassle in my opinion when to assemble the parts.
    For setting up both are the same, same bios, etc...
  6. does it have a integrated gpu?
  7. No, both don't have one, don't you have a discrete graphics card ?
    If you didn't buy or have the cpu yet, i think it's better going with an amd apu(fm2)+fm2 board.
    But if you have to get the matx board with integrated graphics, get the one you have in mind, like i said, it most likely it will fit.
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