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I just built a machine around an AMD FX 8120 eight core CPU, and have chronic audio distortion.

The specs are:
AMD FX 8120, Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3, (2) SATA (1) IDE drives, Nvidia Geforce 650Ti + Geforce 7600GS, 16gigs RAM.

I don't think it's the audio engines because I've used three, and all of them have static in their output to some degree.
1. The motherboard - internal
2. MAudio's ProjectMix i/o - firewire
3. Presonus Audio Box 22VSL - USB 2.0

To fix this, I've tried:
1. Disabling power saving on the CPU
2. Reducing # of cores in use on the CPU (a threading issue?)
3. RAM memory test (clean)
4. Updating any and all drivers throughout the system.

It's a fast machine, and shouldn't be having this problem! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! Patrick
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  1. All sources? I run my audio from my sat into my comp if I use line in on the back it distorts, the front panel mic input no distortion. Quirky cause mic inputs are diff and usually distortion prone..
  2. Having the exact same issue man! I had to switch back to my old Phenom x4 because the 8 core was taking a *** on me when I tried to do audio work.

    If you've got any ideas as to why, help a brother out.
  3. Well, I solved it; But not sure how...

    All three audio generators had intermittent static: in the internal motherboard source, the Maudio Project Mix IO on Firewire, and the PreSonus USB interface. My guess was the motherboard.

    I tried to replace the Gigabyte MOBO with an equal ASUS version, but it wouldn't take. BSOD all over.

    I reinstalled the Gigabyte MOBO because I needed a (semi) working computer, and Ding! No static in the audio.

    With the reinstalled Gigabyte MOBO, I also replaced my 2nd video card (an old Geforce 7600GT) with a newer GeForce 610. My primary video card is a Geforce 650ti. Perhaps that the solution was there? The old 7600GT was technically compatible with Windows 7, but no longer supported by EVGA, and not Direct X 11 compliant. Geez, I don't know...
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