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Hello, i had an 8600 gt nvdia and i changed it with a gainward gts 450. and it doesn't work on my pc... i need to know why i have this problem... i think maybe is because of my ram, i have ddr2 and my graphic card is ddr3. i need an opinion...

thank you...

if you have any idea with what graphic card can i replace it about the same money pls tell me...
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  1. You RAM isn't the problem.
    Have you checked to make sure that you plug in the 450? Can you also please post the rest of your specs.
  2. The pc opens but it doesn't boot and i cant make format too. anyway i have dualcore duo 2.66Ghz and 2 gb ram...
  3. What's the power supply you have?
  4. i have 500W and my motherboard is msi 535neo3 ms-7395 version1 maybe they are not compatible.
  5. What 500W is it? Corsair? It shouldnt matter since the GTS450 doesnt use a whole lot of power, but I like to make sure.
  6. i have this one : FORCE 500W PSU
  7. Never heard of the brand. Can you give us some information on the label of the PSU? Especially the 12V rail. Should look like this:

    Also what kind of problem are you having? Is the computer not booting? Is there no display, can you give us a better description?
  8. i have a display but i can format, i cant get to windows and when i put nvdia8600 gt everything works so i assume that the problem is with my new graphic card. i dont have that label on, sorry guys. but i found it on internet :
  9. 65% efficiency isnt stellar and thats not that good of a power supply, but it should be able to run the GTS450.

    When you put the GTS450 in can you get a display through the motherboard video?
  10. no through the gts450
  11. No I'm saying if you plug the display into the motherboard WITH the GTS450 in it, can you see anything?
  12. yes i have original visual. But my pc crashes on the windows loading.
  13. That's weird. I dont know what the problem could be. Maybe go into your BIOS and change the settings to use the new card if you know how to get into the BIOS.
  14. i know but what setting should i change?
  15. Make sure when you GTS450 is in there that you set the setting that shows the "primary graphics adapter" and its set to PCI-E
  16. ok thnx.
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