Computer Gaming Case Suggestion?

I am looking for some suggestion for a new Gaming case, I am looking for a full tower, I currently have the CM Storm Scout and am looking for something much larger. I have looked at the aerocool predator and that is too small. I am looking for something around the size or larger than the CM Trooper, Haf X (I like the design of them).
Ideally the Aerocool strike ST but I do not like the look of it, nor do I like the design of cases similar to the NZXT Phantom.
Any other suggestions welcome, as I am being quite picky with my demands :)

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  1. whats ur country of origin and ur max budget.
  2. In the UK and a budget of up to about £120, if it is a really nice case I will go a bit more.
  3. Thanks For that
    Silverstone Temjin, Antec 900, is smaller than aerocool predator ^see above.
    Already looked at Storm Trooper ^ see above
    Dont like design of NZXT Switch
    Phantom ^ see above, Raven similar design.
    Stryker looks quite nice as does Zalman GS1200

    Thanks For the help.
    Any other suggestions
  4. pretty much all those. ur pick is personal, all about taste.
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