Dell Inspiron 1521 monitor will not stay on after video software upgrade

i upgrade to win 7 and when the system install the graphics software the monitor have black screen after windows restart
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  1. You may have to find different drivers. Try going in under safemode.
  2. ^+1

    I am guessing the drivers are bad and causing the ports to stop sending a signal and so the monitor turns off because it doesn't have a signal.

    You can always try another port too and see if that helps. On my 460 I accidentally let Windows update my graphics driver and it killed a port.

    I always pick a set of drivers and stick with them unless the update brings a lot of performance tweeks for games I like to play.
  3. What are your Spec's and do you only have a integrated GPU? If you only have a intergrated do the upgrade of the drivers is should fix the problem since you upgraded to win 7.

    But if you have a GPU thay you have to put into your rig is another story. Let us know how things turn out and good luck.
  4. You can use Driver Sweeper to uninstall the old driver and any fragments from any previous drivers. Reboot the computer and then try installing the newest driver.
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