Front bezel on Antec 300 Two vibrating. Good fix?

Hi, the front plastic bezel/panel on my antec three hundred two case vibrates (mech movement from hardware), and it's an annoyance. Tried putting rubber bands on the parts that snap into place, but that doesn't help.

Can anyone give any good suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. I have the same case - I don't notice any vibrations - can you trace down the specific hardware that is causing the vibration (i.e. Hard Drive, Case Fan, etc)? It could be there is an issue there?
  2. Well it turns out that the sound isn't coming from the front, but rather the side panel (facing the hardware side) that's making the vibrational noise.

    The vibration seems to be coming from the hdd, since its sound is louder than other hardware and is in harmony with the same vibration I keep hearing.

    What can I do to the side panel, or my HDDs, besides placing them in suspension. I don't wanna do that lol
  3. Make sure that the drive mounting hardware (plastic slides) are properly seated on the drive, and make sure that they are fully inserted into the slot (you should hear a click when inserted).

    If the drive is creating the vibration when properly seated, try removing the drive, and powering up the system just to verify. I have 4 hard drives, a DVD and BluRay player - no vibrations were detected on my system.

    If it is the drive, there could be an alignment problem with the spindle causing the vibration - hard drives aren't silent, but they shouldn't emit loud might want to consider replacing the drive.
  4. Ok, I've finally been able to check for the loud vibration's origin, and two of the hard drives were vibrating, due to not being seated properly. Then there's a vibration coming from the top-rear exhaust fan, transferring the noise to the case surfaces.

    I think I can lessen the noise now. Thanks.
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