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When I try to set my password to blank, it says I need 100 digits, capital letters, lowercase, numbers, 3 characters in farsi, 4 symbols used on Betelgeuse more than 1,000 years ago, etc..... Guess what? This is a home computer...Al Queda is not trying to break into my laptop, and I don't care if they do. I paid for this thing, MS can not be dictating how much security I need or want. So......how do I turn off the dang password, or set it to null? Thanks, Random (PS, Dang this is unreadable since I can't use an Enter to make paragraphs....pathetic editor you have here...)
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  1. Unlike Windows 7 and XP you will need a password in Windows 8.
    Would you believe, I have managed to do this with only 6 letters and numbers, i.e 4 letters and 2 numbers, none in upper case, none in Farsi, none in Betelgeuse. I have since simplified it further to just 4 numbers. I don't even have to hit enter, just the four numbers, like 1234.
    You go to PC Settings - Users - Your account, and select using a PIN.
    Makes logging in a breeze and still quite a challenge to Al-Qaeda.
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