GTX 670 Problem Artifacts?

IS my video card busted or something ? look at the video i just recorded. showed on my screen too and its annoying.
or maybe its just this part of the mission..

i have a ASUS GTX 670.
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  1. Are you talking about the smudges on the screen? If so, that is part of the game. They are kind of annoying. It is supposed to be dirt on the goggles of the soldier i guess. If you are talking about something else, I don't think I saw any actual artifacts. Can you be more specific?

    Edit: If you are worried about the card's performance, download furmark and run the burn in test at 1080p (no AA) and post what kind of frames you got, and where the temperature peaked. Don't let it get to 90C, stop it if you see it going past the upper 80s. This will be a good test for artifacts as well. They will be pretty obvious. Big black chunks most likely
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