Overclocking my Sapphire HD 6570 2gb DDR3

Should i be happy with my overclocked Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 2gb DDR3?
The default setting is :
GPU Clock : 650
Memory clock: 800
I overclocked the GPU clock to 870 and the memory clock to 900

plz anyone asure me that is a good new for me! thanks!
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  1. If it is working stable and not getting hot it is great!
  2. Yes it is really working well

    but no changes in framerates as i tested. :(
  3. on such a low end card you wouldnt notice any difference.......
    sorry mate
  4. Yeah
    i think id better shift to my MSI HD 6850 Cyeclone Power Edition. but i wonder if there is a softwar to calculate the amount of power usage while loading a game!
    by theory 6850 uses 150w in full load. what does the full load mean? does the amount of power usage fall if i play the the game at medium level detail?
    i have never had a good feeling about consuming too much energy. i wish expensive cards could give a good save in energy too. but it seems more powerful cards need more electricity and big power supply.
    i appreciate if anyone explains about that.
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