How do I use pci-e 3.0 on my gfx card?

Okay so my mobo...the asrock pro3 gen3 supports pci-e 3.0 and everything but my old graphics card: the hd 6950 didn't support that. But my new one, the gtx 670 supossedly supports pci-e 3.0 so after hooking it up to the cords my hd6950 used to be hooked up to...bam no pci-e 3.0??? I don't understand why it' still saying pci-e 2.0x16 in gpu-z. Here's a screenshot of gpu-z.

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  1. See the ? to the right of the Bus Interface display field?

    Click on the ? and then click on the Start Render Test command button of the Render Test popup window. See if the Bus Interface display field changes.

    It should display PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x16 2.0
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    you need a ivy bridge processor to run the card on pci-e 3.0(the gain of pci-e 2.0 and 3.0 is very minimal)
  3. PCI-E 3.0 is only supports on 3rg generation cpu's. The 2500K doesn't support 3.0.
  4. oh that sucks, got sandy bridge :/ but oh well atleast it's a pretty kickass card so that little difference won't mean much
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