Is Intel HD 4000 only diff between i3 3220 and 3225?

At my Micro Center, they have an i3 3220 for $99.99 and an i3 3225 for $119.99.

I have my own video card a HD 6870, so is the only difference between the 2 CPU is the integrated graphics?

If so should I get the i3 3220 since I won't be using the Intel graphics anyways?

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  1. Yeah, pretty much, although the i3 3220 does support dual displays.
  2. Only difference is the HD 4000 vs HD 2500 graphics. Same processor cores.

    If you are looking at a motherboard, too, then Microcenter only offers the $40 bundle discount with the 3225, so that could swing the price deal in favor of the 3225. Otherwise, yeah, just buy whichever is cheaper.
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