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Just completed my first build. I am having a problem with my boot options. I have a gigabyte ga-z77-d3h board. In the BIOS I am setting my Samsung 830 SSD as "Boot Option #1. It displays as "PO: SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series". My only 2 other options are "P2: Optiarc DVD RW" and "Windows Boot Manager". If I have the SSD set to Boot Option #1 I get a message that says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key". If I set Windows Boot Manager to Boot Option #1 then Windows starts up. Is this what I want? I believe I want to boot up windows straight from the SSD.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. 1. Are u only had SSD or one SSD with some HDD?

    2. When u install OS. did u install it with only SSD connected ? (if no then u might need to reinstall OS)

  2. Thanks for the quick reply!!

    1. I have a 256GB Samsung 830 SSD that I installed Windows 7 on. I also have a 3TB Seagate HDD for files and whatnot.

    2. I only connected the 3TB HDD after complete install. As a side note, my computer doesn't even recognize or show the HDD. I think this is because Boot Manager only supports up to 2 TB. Is this true?
  3. There a apps from gigabyte for enable 2+ Tb drive u can get it from their web...

    if u install with SSD only u might don't need to change anything since it already boot from SSD..

    Are u having slow boot time? like a minute or 30 sec+ from the word "windows starting" (logo show up) till enter the desktop?
  4. no, the boot time is fast, like it should be. but my problem is that i have to boot from the Windows Boot Manager. Aren't I supposed to set my Boot Option #1 to SSD? If I do that, it won't boot. Sorry for the confusion
  5. U don't need to set it to SSD :D

    for 3+ Tb:
  6. Really? So Boot Option 1 should be Windows Boot Manger? I was under the impression that I was supposed to set my SSD as the boot device since Windows 7 is installed on there. Does it matter what I set as 2 and 3?
  7. I'm post some links for 3 Tb HDD...

    I'm usually set first as optical drive, second as HDD... then HDD priorities is SSD first no need to concern with no.2 no.3 in disk priority since if no.1 SSD is boot then the no. after it became irrelevant (un least the first failed)

    but i think the bios interface is changed from mine (how they name it).... regardless i'm recommend to set first to optical and second as windows boot manager... (so u can use rescue disk more easily)

    edit: most problem arise if u using dual boot or if when u install os with HDD and SSD connected...

    I'm quite sure it's fine by set first/second boot to Windows Boot Manger .....

    btw if anyone had insight of 3Tb Hdd could please correct me, not to familiar with those issue..
  8. Thank you for offering, but don't worry about links for 3TB HDDs. I bought an OEM one that came without any partitions. It was just unallocated space. I simply formatted it and now have a 2.72TB E: Drive. But I didn't connect that until after installation of W7. And it's not even an option in the BIOS boot order menu.

    I still don't understand exactly what Windows Boot Manager is though. Shouldn't there be an option to simply boot from the OS on my SSD? Why do I need to go through the boot manager?
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