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hi, i have a mobile(r) 4 series express chipset famiy, i play such games as fifa 11, 12 and nba 2k10, the game starts up very well and graphics are good but at the start of gameplay the game starts to slow down and not run smooth, wat is causein this problem ? is it the graphic card ? wat settings or so cud best be used cause ive tried different settings and stil get the same results am i doing sumthing wrong can anyone help me ?
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  1. You have a very low end video video chipset, which is rarely up to the task of any kind of gaming. To make matters even worse for you, you have a laptop, so there is no option for simply adding a video card to improve game performance. In this particular case, I'm afraid you are just out of luck.
  2. ok thaks
  3. what about downloadind latest video chipsets or drivers would that do anything to help ?
  4. Unlikely, the hardware just isn't up to the challenge. If you really want to game on a laptop, you're going to have to get a new one..
  5. ok
  6. I have the same graphics card with a intel celeron 2.2GHz CPU laptop. I run fallout 3 on it but it lags, Minecraft works on lowest setting, and portal 1 is playable(barely but little lag). But my computer seems to handle any pc game made before 2007. So I'm playing all the old games and I find this enjoyable.
  7. ok thanks anymore games u cud come up with just let me know
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