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So I'm trying to figure out if the power supply i currently have now (its a Dell XPS 630i "DT50E" PSU) will work in terms of connectors to the new stuff that I want which I will list below.

Asus M5A97 (same one as the guy in the thread I linked below)- [...] 6813131873
XFX Double D 7870 2gb- [...] 6814150605
AMD FX-6300 Vishera- [...] 6819113286
Cooler Master Seidon 120M- [...] 6835103179

i read elsewhere about a guy who was doing the same thing I was, and with the same motherboard coincidentally, and he came across a problem. Well, im trying to make as much sense as possible as to what he was having problems with as well as the solution, which was something regarding adapters? here's that thread, if someone can clarify what is going on and what the solution is, that'd be great: [...] -630i-help
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  1. I would think a 750w power supply running a pair of 650's in SLI would have all the power and connectors you would need for the 7870.

    Of course, trying to plug an AMD processor into a socket 775 (for older Intel Processors) motherbd isn't going to work very well....
  2. popatim, I think you're looking at the wrong motherboard. OP's links don't work, but I searched newegg for the Asus M5A97, and it's an AM3+ motherboard.
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    Aren't most Dell power supplies proprietary and non-standard? Didn't they change some of the wires on the standard ATX PSU? I wouldn't plug a non-Dell motherboard into a Dell PSU unless you're sure it will work.
  4. I did some research on that mbreslin and found that you are correct, which I thank you for, but am filled with sadness that I have to fork over 100 for a new power supply...Thanks breslin.
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