GTX460+8400GS not SLI help

Hey guys. I just got a GTX 460 to replace my 8400GS and I got an amazing performance gain in gaming. But I'd like to hook a 3rd display using my 8400GS. So I put it right above my GTX 460 (in the upper PCI-E slot) and plugged in another display. I never got any signal back from the display, but the card does spin up and become warm. Both cards use the same drivers, so that leaves me wondering why I can't use the 8400GS. Can it be that what I want to do is not possible? Or that my motherboard doesn't allow it or I have to change some things in my BIOS?

Core 2 Duo
GTX 460 Superclocked
8400GS (not working)
Windows XP 32 bit
I am using a prebuilt HP xw4600 if that helps.
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  1. Check to make sure that your motherboard actually has enough PCI-E lanes to drive both cards.
  2. I has 2 PCI-E and both work using a single card.
  3. Whoops! Sorry. It actually has 3 PCI-E. 2 are x16 and one is x8.
  4. I just checked your model out on the HP website, and it states that you have 3 PCI-E slots, 2 of which are PCI-E 16X, and one is a PCI-E 4X tied at the south bridge but with the physical form of a PCI-E 16X. Since you are running windows xp 32bit, I`d recommend downloading a new driver for the older card. That card maybe part of the legacy driver support from Nvidia now.
  5. Also, check in the bios, sometimes there is an option that specifies which slot is the primary, and also an option that allows more than 1 video card at a time (though this isn`t on all systems).
  6. The drivers are fine. I used the same drivers for the 8400GS as I did for the GTX460. Perhaps its something in my bios? Because when I remove the GTX 460, the 8400GS works.
  7. If that doesn`t do the trick, try opening up Device Manager, then expand the display adapters and see if the 8400 is listed under there. If it is, then the hardware is recognized and drivers are loaded. If not, you may have to tinker with the BIOS. If it is recognized without any yellow or red icons on it in Device Manager, try using DIsplay Properties in windows and see if windows allows you to have more than 2 monitors.
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    Well, I took a look at the manual for your model of computer, and in the BIOS listings, there are enable-disable sections on each of the PCI-E ports. As a first try, enable both ports explicitly, I think they are ports 2 and 4.
  9. I got my second card working. I just have to set it to non-boot, but it turns on when windows starts.
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