I5 SpeedStep not working?

For reference, my entire build is in my signature. In my BIOS I have CPU Load Optimized Clock set to 4.2Ghz. This is supposed to be the Turbo Boost target, only operating at this speed under heavy load. Under moderate load it should be 3.4Ghz and when idling, SpeedStep is supposed to reduce clock speed to 1.6Ghz. I remember seeing the CPU drop to 1.6Ghz at idle a few weeks ago, as well as bounce back and forth between 3.4 and 3.8 (the stock turbo speed I had set earlier). Now the CPU is CONSTANTLY at 4.2GHz at all times, even under 0% use. SpeedStep is still enabled in the BIOS and normal target speed is set to 3.4. Core voltage is fluctuating as low as 0.84v at idle, and I don't know how my system doesn't crash with the CPU running at 4.2Ghz with only 0.84v.

Is this at all related to the chipset drivers? I recently did a clean re-install of Windows and this time around, I installed the chipset drivers for my MOBO. I have not seen my CPU drop below 4.2GHz since. A few weeks ago when I could see my CPU clocks actively stepping between idle, moderate, and load clocks, the chipset drivers had NOT been installed. That just seems backwards to me, I would expect the opposite.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
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  1. I beleive the "Load Optimized Clock" setting is a whole Overclock "plan" not just the "Turbo" setting (which wouldnt surprise me if it was disabled since TurboBoost only runs full speed when 1 core (not all cores) has a heavy load on it)
    Time for you to crack open your manual and check that.
  2. "Load Optimized CPU OC Setting" is ocing it, essentially disabling turbo. It should also disable speedstep. It is a whole profile so will override most anything else you set. I would suggest you manually oc if you wish to oc. (The reason it isn't crashing is because you are not at full load.) This issue is not related to drivers.

    @scottfree There is no speedstep driver and no icon. That is for windows 2000 and earlier. Xp and after are built into windows.
  3. Wow that old, sorry it LOOKED relevant.
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