Is the sapphire 6870 a good gaming card?

Hey i am builing a budget pc and i was wondering how good the sapphire 6870 will run games like skyrim, battlefield, call of duty and minecraft? and how many watts of power will it normally consume???
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  1. It is a good card and will run most things well up to a resolution of 1080P. It will run on a system with quality PSU around 400watts for example it will run fine on Antec EA380 or Corsair CX430.
  2. thanks
  3. it's a good mid range gaming card it will play all current games on mid settings for a PSU this will work fine and give you plenty OC room and breathing room
  4. sit should be able to play all low and mid level at 1920x1080 at max settings and heavy games with lowered detail ish. assuming that its temperature is kept under control
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