I5 3570k or i7 3770k?

So I know this question has been asked a million times, but in this case, the i7 is only $230 whereas the i5 is $190. Saving money on the processor would potentially give me money for a better gpu (looking at a 660/7870 now so suggestions would be nice). I plan on mainly gaming while occasionally rendering a video or two (probably nothing the i5 can't handle). With that being said, which processor is better for the price point and what GPU do you recommend to go along with it (about $280 with i5 or $240 with i7)?
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  1. for $230 i would definitely take the i7
  2. Yeah, I would have too, but then I found out that the i5 comes with $40 off an the motherboard, so overall it's a much better deal for me (being on a bit of a budget).
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    Since you're only going to be doing occasional video rendering then the i5 should be more then sufficent, i'd worry more on the GPU side of things to make sure you'll have a good gaming experience since that's what you're mainly doing.

    Out of those GPU's i'd go with the GTX 660.
  4. Yeah sounds good to me. Do you think it's worth spending a bit of extra cash on the GPU? If so, what would you recommend? I'd prefer not to go over $300.
  5. You can grab an HD 7950 for a bit under $300 on Newegg:

    Otherwise i'd go with a GTX 660 still.
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