First Build Stopped Turning On, Flashing LED Lights

Today I did my first build. I hooked up the monitor, plugged in the psu, flipped the switch on the psu to on, and then pressed the power button on my case.

The ASRock thing (don't know what it's called) appeared on my monitor, and then proceeded to tell me to choose where to boot from.

To turn off the computer I believe I either pressed on the power button again or flipped the switch on the psu.. I don't remember exactly which, but I did it about three times.

Also my case fans weren't working, I thought they were already plugged in.. My cooler master hyper 212 plus and psu fan were both running fine.

But now when I flip the power switch to on, the led light on my case flashes, and the computer doesn't power up.

Please how do I fix this? Thanks!

My parts:

NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case

Corsair 80 plus bronze 650w modular power supply

Z77 Extreme-4M 1155 motherboard

2x4 gigabyte Vengeance Ram sticks

Asus optical drive


cooler master hyper 212 plus

Seagate Barracuda 1 terabyte HDD

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  1. You shouldn't be building your own computer...

    Take it to someone who knows what they are doing....
  2. 650W power supply? Do you by any chance have a small, maybe two slot, toaster inside your desktop?
  3. Can I get serious answers?
  4. Throw some links to the parts including the site that you got them. Or, a site for reference of the part. Also, do you have a Vid card, or is it on-board video?
  5. What you really need to do is to dig up your user manual for the motherboard you are using and see if it has any codes that go along with the flashing lights.
    When a motherboard is under duress it will flash the led's to send out a code of what it detects has gone wrong.
  6. I will look into the manual, and no I don't have any video card at the moment.
  7. my dad said some wire was touching something.. my computer is running up fine now, but I'm having trouble finding the fan connector that can connect to either the motherboard or psu.

    I ha ve the NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case
  8. Edit: I can't find the 4 pin female fan connectors that's supposed to connect to the motherboard

    The case is an nzxt phantom full tower case

    mobo is z77 extreme-4m 1155

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