Upgrading a dell. Success?

I have a Optiplex GX 620 MT and i wanted to upgrade the processor. Has ANYONE had any success with this particular one?

I was thinking of installing a core 2 e46xx or e47xx but not sure if it would work. Heres my specs

mobo= 0f8098 >btx?
cpu= pentium 4 630
chip= i945P/PL/G/GZ
windows xp sp3
350watt psu

lga 775 (socket T)
800 mhz FSB

Has anyone installed anything in there and it worked?? I heard there are upgrade issues with dell that won't allow the motherboard to recognize cpu's that should normally work. idk maybe just a rumor. But thanks for any support.
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    nope, sorry but the best that motherboard supports is the Pentium D line. Both the 800 and 900 series up to 960.
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