Is creating a cross breeze in my computer a good idea?

I'm trying to figure out if intake fans are a marketing gimmick or a good idea. Obviously, an intake fan creates a cross breeze that will be more effective in cooling the inside of my computer, but what are the costs associated with this? I don't mean monetary costs; I'm talking about what gets sucked in by the intake: dust, cat hair/dander (this is a big one for me), moisture...

What are the community's thoughts on this? I suppose I could set up a filter of some kind, but I would imagine that would pretty much just put me back at square one by blocking most of the intake airflow anyway.

Thoughts? Opinions? Testimonials? Suggestions?

EDIT: I should perhaps add that I'm building a computer for relatively high-end gaming (1080p, high settings, moderate AA). Roughly $1000 budget. Hopefully a little less. I've never done this before. I'm planning to just have a tower set-up, not a bench case. Not sure if mid- or full-size yet.
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    Intake fans are an excellent idea. They force fresh cool air in and aide the rear exhaust fan which, by itself, can only creat negativepressure in the case causing air to flow in from where-ever it can - including in the any rear opening which could be warm air if the gpu vents there.

    Intakes are front, side and bottom. Exhausts are top and rear. You idealy want large slow fans over small high speed fans.
  2. Thanks, popatim! :)

    I've found lots of DIY solutions for intake filters, as well as a few retail products. Looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to set up a good, clean, airflow system.

    My only remaining question is how many fans I should use. I've heard of everything from 1 front (in) and 1 back (out), all the way up to 2 front (in) 1 side (in) 1 back (out) 1 top (out).

    Thoughts, anyone?
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  4. That's COMPLETELY different depending on my case. I generally install as many fans as I can, but that's because I have a bunch sitting around and get cases that have good airflow paths.

    Basically it's up to you, using common sense, to not mangle the airflow while using as many fans as you can.
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