Nvidia geforce gtx 260 problem

I have a Nvidia geforce gtx 260 graphic card
The problem is :
graphic card started to overheat like 2 weeks ago / Before it worked Great
any game with little better graphics card tottaly overheat,it can go to 105 celsius(saw that with Evga Precision X) then the whole computer freezes with some color on screen(depends where game stopped)

I searched on google,found some stuff,but nah

If anyone can help me with this,i'll be grateful!
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  1. It could be a couple of things tbh. Lets start with the simple stuff.

    Have you taken the card out and given it a good clean? Dust is a bugger for raising temps especially if the heatsink gets clogged up and airflow is significantly restricted?
  2. The 200series runs HOT. I have a GTX 275 that hits 105 quite easily even though its clean as a whistle... I would have redone the thermal paste but I swapped it out for a GTX 295 I got for like 40$.
  3. If you're uncomfortable redoing the thermal paste, try underclocking it to extend the life of the card as much as you can.
  4. My gigabyte 260 soc never exceeded 75 at full whack. Whats your case cooling like?
  5. I agree with the previous comments that it needs a good dusting and a new coat of thermal paste.

    I would go ahead and attempt to do that.

    Might as well.
    1.) It is most likely not good to run the card much longer at those temps
    2.) It is most likely out of warranty.

    It is not that hard to do.

    I do however recommend using arctic silver if you are going to apply new thermal paste.

    However I would call EVGA first and see what they say. Also inquire if your card is under warranty.
  6. I have cleaned it few days ago,no change
    thermal paste,hmm i guess i should buy it
    I don't have warranty because i bought graphic card from my friend without it
    and my card is overclocked but that before wasn't a problem,worked great

    Thanks for ur replys guys
    Anyone possibly have some other solution?(maybe without going to shop for some new part of graphic card)
  7. EVGA honors warranties even from cards that exchanged owners. That's why I love EVGA. It won't hurt to give em a call to see if the card is still under warranty.
  8. Doesn't artic silver have quite a long bedding in time? I use MX-4 now and its fantastic and ready to go straight out of the tube. Another option for you.
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