Why won't it work?

So a few weeks ago I bought a used 5870 from someone some forums, I put it in my computer but it did not work, I then tried it in my brothers computer and It worked fine, I put this down to the psu, I have a 10 year old 500w psu he has a couple of years old 550w psu. So I spent another £50 getting a cx600 only to find that when it arrived the graphics card still displayed no picture, I then re tried it in my brothers pc and it still worked fine. I then tried his 5850 in mine and it worked fine.

And idea whats going on?

When I boot with the 5870 in but through onboard video the card isnt detected at all
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  2. If you can borrow another card (maybe from your brother's computer), check if it works in your motherboard. If not, there may be PCI-EXPRESS slot problem.
  3. I think you need a stronger PSU.
  4. I tried my brothers 5850 and that worked fine, I have a cx600 so My psu is fine
  5. in the bios usualy when you put a card in the pci-e slot that disable the internal,did you put the pci-e card as first graphic card in the bios and what is your motherboard name and model adding this also check if your both 6pins pci-e connector work well on that new psu
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  7. Scout, It is set as the primary device but it wouldnt be something like that as the 5850 worked fine
  8. retry her back and see if she's well seated in the slot and that the power cable connect to her without been loose between the card connector and the cable
  9. Tried all that already, this is really baffling me :L
  10. what is your motherboard name and model
  11. ASrock H61M-VS, The main thing thats confusing me is that the 5850 and 5870 are very similar so if the 5850 works with my pc then why not the 5870...
  12. use page 41 of board manual to set internal and remove the card and see if you could get something from the internal graphic chipset on the card,the default is set to pci-e,it is also bugging me that the 5850 work but not the 5870
  13. Im a bit confused as to what you mean
  14. And that page was in a different language
  15. one card work but the other dont that why i ask you to try the onboard one to see if it work
  16. Oh right, onboard works fine, im using that right now but through the motherboard
  17. i have no other thing to suggest for now since it is working on your brother system,one last thing could you try her with your brother power supply in your system we never know
  18. His power supply is an ozc 500w one with less wattage and ampere on the main 12 rail
  19. since the card work in is system with that psu it will help to see if the card work on your system with is psu
  20. Just connected my psu up to his pc and everything works fine, so its not my psu, its not the card, could it be the motherboard?
  21. Yeah, sounds like the motherboard, what motherboard do you have?
  22. I don't mean to be rude but please read the thread, I already said it is an Asrock h61m-vs
  23. you put your psu and the 5870 on is system with is motherboard and everything work fine then you got the answer your motherboard got a defective pci-e slot if she still under warranty ask for rma
  24. But then why would the 5850 work fine?
  25. that the part of the issue i have no answer for
  26. When I tested it with my pc I was using a dvi-i to vga adapter but when we tested it with my brothers we just use a dvi cable, i know that is very unlikely but any chance that could have any revelance?
  27. Have you tried updating your mobo BIOS? It sounds like a mobo issue more so than the GPU. You can also try resetting the CMOS.
  28. I updated the bios the other day to resolve an issue with usb ports, Tried clearing the cmos to
  29. it could be only the adaptor could yes test her with dvi on your system
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