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Hello, I was just wondering if someone here could tell me if I'm correct about this small problem I have.

I purchased a very cheap mint condition HP Proliant DL380 G3 server with maxed out SCSI hdd's and I would like to add a SATA card. From what I've read online I can Pci cards to a Pci-x slot due to the backward compatibility but I don't know the minimum clock speed a pci-x slot can go to?

I was thinking of picking up one of these cheap cards from a local site where I live but I'd just like to know if it'll work?

Cheers, Thomas
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  1. You'll slow down the entire system by sticking in a "wrong speed" card in it. The whole bus runs at the speed of the slowest card so if your sever runs a 133mhz pci bus then get a 133mhz card. If it runs 66, and it might being an older server, then get a 66mhz card. I'll leave you to google your system specs.
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